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the dermatological and curative benefits of Aloe vera on the human body.



 You may have recognized this plant from the way it has been popular over the past decade... But do you really know what it is? And more importantly, what it can do to your body as a benefit? Aloe vera, or aloe vera, is a thorny plant found in East Africa. It is also found on the Mediterranean coast and in warm areas. Belonging to the lily family, aloe vera is a perennial plant without a stem. In its green parts, there is a clear pulp resembling a viscous gel of pale green colour. It is the latter that is used in cosmetics.


Nicknamed "the plant of immortality" by the Egyptians, the use of this plant dates back more than 6,000 years. And it wasn't just the Egyptians who used it. Good for immortality but, we'll talk about it later...

The Incas, Chinese and Greeks also used it to treat skin, hair, gums and internal organs. Today, those in the world of cosmetics use it a lot, but other sectors such as dermatology and phytotherapy also use it. Numerous studies have already proven the benefits and virtues of aloe vera. So I thought I would talk to my dear bearded friends about its benefits and uses!

Gentlemen, yes, aloe vera can also be useful for your facial hair. I'll tell you about it a little further down the line. 

What is aloe vera made of?

When we talk about aloe vera, we often refer to aloe vera gel. However, note that this perennial plant produces two substances such as latex and aloe vera gel. Latex is not often referred to. This bitter yellow sap is found in the small channels in the bark and contains anthranoid. Anthranoid is a molecule with laxative effects and for this reason it is not widely used. Latex can also cause irritation to the skin and mucous membranes, some people are even allergic to latex. The aloe vera gel found in the heart of the large aloe leaves is composed mainly of water, but it also contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. These elements make the moisturizing, emollient, purifying, healing, repairing and anti-inflammatory effects of aloe vera. This gel can be taken orally and in some cases it must be applied to the skin.

1- Aloe vera: a natural exfoliating scrub.

This first benefit should be of great interest to you since it will be very useful for the skin on your face, and therefore to better protect your beard as well. Indeed, most cosmetic products for body and face contain aloe vera. It contains exfoliating active ingredients. You can thus prepare a "homemade" exfoliating scrub for the face or body with aloe vera.
To do this, you need an aloe vera leaf. Cut it lengthwise and take the inner part. You can use it as an exfoliating sponge in the shower. You can also use it for your feet. For optimal foot exfoliation, prepare a mask with 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, 150 g oat flakes, 10 cl body milk and 90 g cornmeal. Leave this exfoliating mask on for a few minutes before rinsing: your feet will regain their softness.

But if you find it too complicated to do it yourself, don't worry, you can check out our collection of moisturizer and gels containing aloe vera.(Our formula uses 100% pure aloe vera gelclick here

aloe vera en spirale

2- Aloe vera to treat burns, sunburn and insect bites.

If you're the clumsy type in the kitchen or are often bitten by insects or mosquitoes, aloe vera will quickly become your friend! Whether the burn is mild or serious, you can use aloe vera to treat and soothe it. Collect the gel from the aloe vera and mix it with vitamin E oil. Apply the mixture to your skin. If you don't have vitamin E oil, you can simply put the aloe vera gel on the area where the burn occurs.
Also, after an insect bite, you may get itching or pimples. Aloe vera can also act by reducing or even eliminating this itching sensation and pimples. Simply apply aloe vera gel to the affected area. Prepare your stock without further delay...

3- Aloe vera makes bruises disappear.

You can also be clumsy when falling or bumping yourself on a regular basis. But yes, you know that famous chair you get three times a week... Well, aloe vera is just the thing for your bruises. Aloe vera gel contains agents that help eliminate bruising. Understand that these agents don't work miracles and won't make the bruises disappear in a few minutes either! For a quick soothing effect, apply aloe vera gel on the bruises. Let the gel work before rinsing it off. Repeat this twice a day for a few days: you will eventually get rid of these bruises.

4- Aloe vera, an ideal treatment for sunburn

Even if you used sunscreen when you got a tan, you can still treat a sunburn. The feeling of sunburn is not at all comfortable. Worse than that, it can even form a burn on your skin, and then you're going to get it! To soothe a sunburn, take aloe vera. Applying the gel will give you direct relief. You can apply aloe vera gel on your shoulders, face or the affected area. You can even leave the gel on overnight. This application should be repeated the next day, the day after until the sunburn is perfectly healed. Take it easy on your body's exposure to the sun, though... Besides, exposing your beard too much to the sun can damage it and ruin it in the long run. How can it do that? By drying out your hair (click on Article 4 - Moisturising your beard), but also by bleaching it...


5- Use aloe vera to treat skin infections and allergic skin reactions

Again, aloe vera will be very useful for your face and beard. Indeed, some skin infections can appear under your beard, such as itching, allergies to certain products, or even eczema. So if you want to have perfect skin (even on the rest of your body) and you have aloe gel at home, don't deprive yourself of it. Aloe vera gel can have an effect on skin infections, eczema, fungus, allergic skin reactions, psoriasis and even rosacea. Rosacea is an incurable skin disease, but you can use aloe vera to treat acne that is symptomatic of this disease. Aloe vera gel will also work on fever blisters, herpes, blisters, warts, warts, acne pimples, scars and stretch marks. In other words, it's a super effective all-in-one with great benefits. Good for stretch marks, on the other hand, you've understood that it will be for your wife... After childbirth, ideal!

6- Make a moisturizing cream and an anti-aging treatment with aloe vera

If you've always used a moisturizer from the big brands, it's time to switch to a homemade moisturizer that will cost you almost nothing and will do the same job as the cosmetic product. And most importantly, it's much more natural. Aloe gel is recommended for the treatment of dry skin. The result will be seen very quickly. Once again, it is ideal to soften the skin on your face and beard.
Also, if the first signs of aging appear on your skin, take aloe vera gel to treat them. Even if having wrinkles is not our main concern as men, why not take care of them naturally when you're young? If you use aloe vera from a young age, there's a greater chance that your skin will age slower, and more importantly, better. Not bad, right?

Remember that Cleopatra used this aloe vera trick to keep her skin young. If you have a few pigmentation spots on your face, you can apply aloe vera gel to them as well. Well, if you have a big beard, it will hardly show, but I'm telling you anyway just in case.

7- Aloe vera gel, a complete hair care product


If you're more the type of person who wants to let your hair grow a little, aloe vera gel can replace several products for your hair and aloe vera itself contains elements that will accelerate hair growth. To ensure this effect, apply aloe vera gel to the scalp while massaging it lightly. The application time should be at least 30 minutes.
If you are one of those who actively fight dandruff, don't waste any more time testing all the so-called "miracle" products of the major brands. Simply use aloe vera gel to make your product at home.
Mix this aloe vera gel with coconut milk and wheat germ oil. These ingredients should be the same amount. Massage your scalp with this mixture before rinsing. If your conditioner has run out and you don't have anything left, don't panic. You can regain shiny, silky, smooth and detangled hair by using aloe vera gel.


8- No more indigestion problems with aloe vera

Even if you are careful about what you take, you are not immune to gastrointestinal problems. Thanks to aloe vera, you can say goodbye to that indigestion that can make you suffer for hours. All you need to do is take an aloe juice to relieve it. If you're constipated too, this juice will ease the transit. It will be necessary to pay attention to the dose to be taken: only one glass will be enough. It can even have an effect on the symptoms of "irritable bowel syndrome". Aloe vera juice will soothe the pain and reduce the bloating associated with irritable bowel syndrome. Really great for those who suffer from it, because yes, it's a real pain for some!

9- Aloe vera juice can soothe some discomforts and relieve the pain of other illnesses.

Doctors may also recommend aloe vera to patients suffering from heartburn, rheumatism or osteoarthritis. To do this, take aloe vera juice when the pain becomes unbearable.

10- Aloe vera for asthmatics

Asthma is a disease that complicates the lives of many people, and you may be one of them. To relieve asthma-related coughs or shortness of breath, an inhalation made with aloe vera can be prepared. Since the airways are affected, the juice won't work. For inhalation, a few leaves of aloe vera should be boiled in a small amount of water and then breathed in. When inhaling, do not get too close to the water, as this can cause burns. Yes, the water is really boiling hot...

11- Aloe vera to regulate blood sugar levels
If you want to regulate your blood sugar levels naturally, you can find a variety of tips to do so, but not all of them are effective. Try aloe vera this time and see the result. Those who are diabetic will be surprised at the effect of aloe juice after a few days. It will also act by regulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which will be even more beneficial for your heart. Frankly, the more we discover the benefits of this plant, the more we want to try it, don't we?


12- Aloe vera toothpaste

The problem with industrial toothpastes is that they are industrial. As a result, you don't really know what you're putting on your teeth, and it can end up weakening them. If you run out of toothpaste at home and you have a small box of aloe vera gel, take it. Brushing your teeth with this gel will strengthen your gums and promote healthy teeth. To complete the action of the gel, also take aloe vera juice. To keep your teeth white and healthy, you can also use (very sparingly) vegetable charcoal or an arak stick (also called siwak).

13- Aloe vera for the ears and eyes.

Aloe vera is often suggested for body, face and hair care, but the effect of this product on eyes and ears has hardly ever been mentioned. However, aloe vera is effective for two senses. For this last trick, it will be the juice that will act on the ears and eyes. If you have problems with infections or inflammations of the ears or eyes, don't hesitate to drink this juice.


Recovering aloe vera gel.

For most of these tricks, you need aloe vera gel. You can find aloe vera gel in organic stores that is already packaged, but the ideal is to collect it yourself, of course. To do this, you will need to get some aloe vera leaves that you have to clean well. Get rid of the top part of the leaf and the thorns that are on each side. Using a knife, remove the green layer from the surface on both sides. You will then have transparent gel blocks. For storage, you will need to put the gel in a clean glass or bowl. If you can't retrieve it, watch this video which will be very useful.


Making Aloe Juice.

To get the aloe vera juice, you will need aloe vera gel, of course, and water. In order to get the juice, it is better to use a blender than a juice extractor: the blender will be more efficient. When you get the aloe vera juice, add some lemon juice as a preservative. Ideally, you should drink the juice directly. Even with lemon juice, the shelf life of aloe vera juice should not exceed 4 days. You should also store the aloe vera juice in an airtight bottle in a cool place. Not everyone's taste buds are the same and some people may not appreciate the taste of aloe vera juice. If this is the case for you, add a tablespoon of honey or a tablespoon of agave syrup to the drink.

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