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About us


Who are we?

Richecoffre was an idea born in France (where our head office is currently located) and then became a reality in Canada (where we produce all our products).

Before we tell you about us, we would like to put our finger on a very important subject that some women encounter, which is allergies. Many of you have already had allergies to certain cosmetic products, some brands assure you that their products are 100 percent natural and often this is not the case. This is the kind of problem that the founder of RicheCoffre was confronted with. The richecoffre brand was created with the aim of offering products in the most natural way possible that are cruelty-free without paraben and other ingredients that are harmful to your skin and your health. We also want to be transparent about what we do, so we have provided you with a table showing the certifications of our products so you know what to use; To see the details click here

We value simple things and respect life as well as sustainable development. That's why we do our best to provide you with high quality products by reducing as much as possible the unnatural ingredients in our products to be able to offer you natural, Vegan🍃 and biodegradable products. made in canada  🇨🇦. 

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